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Colour schemes proposals.

Because I´m still  thinking how paint my TRX, I was doing some colour schemes proposals inspired on old Yamaha themes. I´m not sure what finally I´ll choose and I´ll do some more but here I post four of them. Above #1 "Lucky Roberts" inspired on a Team Roberts endurance Yamaha YZF from Suzuka 8 hours.

#2 "1984 XJ750R scheme" inspired by the TT-F1 machine.

#3 "Vintage speed blocks" inspired on classic Yamaha racing colours and recently concept seen on a Oberdan Bezzi´s XS750 "Riverside".

#4 "Red speed blocks", this scheme was my first option but now I´m in doubt to choose other.

All of this proposals can be considerated with little changes, like colour of rims and being truth, this designs can be done much better (My graphic design skills are very limited and unfortunately I am not Oberdan Bezzi) but it´s enough to see how they can look on the bike.

All sugestions are wellcome and I uploaded all on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject FB page. Feel free to commente and click "I like" on your favourite, soon I will publish more proposals.
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Aluminium Trixie!.

Other Yamaha TRX 850 with aluminum frame, as the NWS 870 R TRX850 special published here some months ago. Great pic stolen from the BOTT racing facebook page.
More TRX´s pics HERE.
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Working on new paint schemes.

On process....Working on new paint schemes.
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Saturday ride.

Today, like other weekends, I went out ride with friends, one of them Kiko with his MT-01, is the first time I ride along with other MT-01!!. It's a rare bike here in Spain and isn´t  easy to match with  other MT.

Among others also came Paco with his TRX, every time I see his TRX my desire to finish mine grow exponentially...

Kiko´s MT-01. I want this Rizoma rear sets for mine....

MT´s togheter.

This KTM 690 owned by a Kiko´s friend , fun for sure.

Amable´s Suzki SV 650 cafe racer with his new GR exhaust. Looks great and sounds better.

Taking a break to eat something in Fuentes de Ayodar (Castellón). Nice place.

Paco´s TRX and Kiko´s MT-01.

Luis, who lives in Castellón,  joined us  here with his Yamaha 660 powered Derbi Mulhacen.

What would our lives if not disconnect  from normal life motorcycle riding at weekends?
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Following with the TRX.

Taking advantage I've had a few days off (but tomorrow I come back to my job), I continued to work on the Yamaha TRX, all things that I´m doing are little works but them expends more time that seems. All of these are needed and each of them makes me closer to finish  my Trixie. As I said on my last project post I´m doing all works that I can do without money....fucking money.

By the way, this bracket I don´t remember where was mounted and I do not find it on the parts manuals. I think that it´s from the lower yoke, because I mounted the R1 yokes doesn´t matters to much, but I hate forget this things...

I removed the seat lock from my original rear fender to mount it on the modified that I mounted on my TRX.

Also I build a seat lock cable bracket to open the rider seat with the key.

...along the "hand-machining"...

3d model, done with Solidworks, you can find it fully downloadable on my profile of Grabcad.

Finished and mounted on the frame.

I must to drill the internal wall behind the seat place to pass the cable, mount it and done!. Now opens with the key.


Other little pending task, mount the thermostat and hoses. With it mounted allows me continue with the wiring.

 Radiator brackets with the new paint dry and ready to mount.

 ...wiring diagrams...

Head light cleaned.

Wellcome back!. The fairing repair isn´t finished yet but I will mount it to go ahead with the wiring.

Pass the wires, mount the plastic clamps and fasten the wires correctly needs more time and patience that I expected...

 Standard and race tail.

 Enlarging to Ø14 the drills on the race tail to mount the rubber grommets from the stock tail.
 I must to grind the internal faces to remove the excess of fiberglass and get a perfect fit on to the frame.

Rear tail mounted and waiting for a new paint, I´m  still thinking about what colour scheme I want.

 Side stand and switch  cleaned, painted and mounted.

Because I can´t expend much money I restored the radiator, it had some hits and cells bent and I prefer repair it, some day I will replace it for a bigger one...

 I removed part of the bent cells with a screwdriver that block the airflow.

And after I cleaned and painted it, now is drying on my garage.

Now only remains finish the wiring and the fairing repair before start to work on the engine.

Once the fairing will be finished I can send it to paint. I will print some TRX templates to test different paint schemes and take a decision...

Soon new updates of my TRX project, More pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.
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Cafe Racer Bar.

Last weekend I was in Peñiscola (A beauty tourist city in Castellón area)  to be relaxed before come back to job and I discovered this biker bar where I was  having dinner Saturday night.

Cafe Racer Biker Bar Peñiscola it´s a biker bar near the beach with a bike themed decoration, rock music were you can play a game of  pool taking a beer or dinner one of their really good hamburguers , pizza´s or pasta.

When I saw the logo, the oil barrels as terrace tables  and the V-Max inside I said...we will dinner here!!

We arrived late , almost midnight, because the place seems empty but the crew of the Cafe Racer Bar  kept the kitchen open for us and served us superbly (excuse the low quality of the pics).

Do not look for it in Ikea...

The perfect illumination for a biker bar terrace.

If you come to Peñiscola for hollidays do not forget visit and dinner here, 100% recommendable.
You can take a look and see the menu on the Facebook page of Cafe Racer Biker Bar Peñiscola.
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