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Mini lathe update.

Here I´m again with another post of some of these things I did along this time without new posts . I worked on the mini lathe that I bought years ago but I have dismantled for years. I want to do some improvements  on it and install it on to one of my workbench.

Time to work again on all these parts....and try to remember....

Also I finished the fitment of the electronic box that  replaces the stock plastic one.

 ...f***ng electronics....

Finally mounted and ready to come back to life.....or burn....

Turning again!!.

Once I started again the mini lathe I did some handles in aluminium and bronze to replace the stock ones before dismount it again to be painted. I hate the stock green color. Always I've always thought paint it in red.

But before start with the paint job I did a wooden platform with a table and a set of IKEA legs for furniture.

Marking the place for the mini lathe.

Testing the silent blocks and spacers , previously turned with the mini lathe with a set of bronze  washers to fix the mini lathe bed to the workbench with M10 through the wooden bench.

I also bought a lil column drill.

All things in place, all things match...

....time to dismount, one more time....


....and after a lot of work....ready to paint...

...coat of Universal Primer first...

...masking to paint, I must did it twice because I painted the internal faces in black ...

...new red colour...

...masking rest of parts..

..and painted red..

Here the mini lathe bed paint job finished, only rest paint the electrical box. I´ll paint it in red like the rest of parts.

I have some parts sketched in a piece of paper that I made some years ago and I have the bed modelled in 3d with Solidworks also but it wasn´t uploaded yet to my GrabCAD profile.

I take the chance to upload it to GrabCAD.

Click here to open the downloadable model HERE.

Complete gallery with tons of pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.
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FZ1 handlebar on the MT-01.

Hi again, as I told in two posts ago, I´m updating the blog . Here one of my pending tasks finally done. Mount the FZ1 handlebar on my MT-01.  I bought it in March of 2012!! Because I wanted reduce the height of the bar mounts, I did not used de FZ1 bar mounts 22.2mm/7/8" (stock MT-01 handlebar-bar mounts 25.4mm/1inch.) instead them I bought a set of Renthal dirt bike bar mounts. But this ones are made to allow oversized 1 1/8” handlebars. I must to mount a couple of bushings reducers from 1 1/8" to 7/8" (click on thumbnail above to enlarge).

As usual I sketched  all parts before model them in 3d with Solidworks. In fact, this was the last thing I do with it, now for job reasons I´m working with NX8.5/NX9.

Parts ready to be mounted. I sent the drawing of the bushings to Umesal, a machining workshop, that made them to me. Thanks Carlos for the favor.

...the complete assembly...

...sawing in half...

Goodbye stock handlebar!! From the beginning I wanted to change it, I do not like the riding position on the bike and I wanted to load more weight on the front wheel. I should have done a long time ago....

Renthal VS Stock. Lower and forward. Also I bought the bar mounts with 5mm offset mounted forward. The change riding it´s huge. To mount the Renthal bar mounts (M10) on the top yoke (Hole for M12) are needed two bushings more Ø12/Ø10 (not sketched and I forget make a photo).

...work in progress..

After some trials, I found the right re-routing of the throttle cables, brake hoses...to mount the FZ1 handlebar.

...and finished!!

Before and after. Next victims....the mirrors.

Can be useful to you? Downloadable in my GrabCAD profile HERE.

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YZF 500 OW45 painting.

Sometimes I'm inspired.

Kenny Roberts Yamaha YZR 500 OW45, crylic on canvas.

I know that I´m not an artist, but I´m satisfied with the results. Next will be better.

Soon new updates of my TRX project.
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I´m back!!!

 I´m back!!...one more time.

After a year keeping the blog abandoned, I´m back. A lot of things passed me these last months. Maybe the bigger was the loose of my job , after some months of financial difficulties the company where I was working ended his activity and closed.
I was busy with all the tramits of my new professional situation and looking for a new job, this was my priority and because that I do not put attention to keep updated the blog or my profiles in Facebook, Grabcad, etc..

Along this past year I also passed through some "financial difficulties" after the close of the company where I worked last six years, the last months issues at job , the paperwork after the close, lawyer bills and an expensive dental visits kept my pockets cleaned.

After update my resume , linkedin, etc....and make some calls and send my resume to some companies I did some interviews and receive some offers, two of them of my interest and finally, after four personal interviews and one practice test, I started to work on a plastic parts company (Cleaning, household, industrial, garden and advertising furniture, personal care, etc...) in the engineering department as automation designer. Fortunately I was only a few weeks unemployed, I´m a lucky guy, nowadays isn't easy find a new job, even better than last one.

Now I´m very happy with my new job, little bit different than previous and similar with my first job in the industry at a machine tool company. Now I´m in the engineering department designing automation mounting cells, robot grippers, packaging, implantation of robot cells, laser marking systems, etc...with Unigraphics. NX8.5 at job and NX9 at home.

After a lot of years of expertise with Solidworks now I must to adapt me to NX. In the beginning I thought that it will be harder but I´m making great advances. I need more hours of use and maybe some courses.

Because all this, in the future I will do everything with Unigraphics instead of Solidworks to improve my NX skills. Goodbye Solidworks, I´ll miss you... I also started English classes at job, every Tuesday and Thursday in the lunch break. I know that my english it´s so bad, I try to improve and this classes will improve my English level for sure (I hope).

Along this time without posts I didn't make any advance in my TRX but I wasn't totally inactive. In this time I did few some things, I bought new power tools and I mounted again the mini lathe.

But few time after I dismounted it again to paint and make some mods, soon I will publish post with fast updates about.

I also found time and inspiration to paint a Yamaha YZR500 OW45 with acrylic on canvas. My first one!! I know that could be much better but to me it´s enough...soon  update post.

Another thing done this time, a long time after buy a set of handlebar and bar mounts from a FZ1 , finally I mounted it on the MT, and how not.....soon  update post.

 ...developing crazy ideas...still with Solidworks, the last thing...

http://mototecnix.com/es/I also was on a dyno morning organized my my friends of Mototecnix and I made some photos, lot of people and bikes.....soon  update post.
I was playing with Gimp again and I made some new logos with my ugly face in them :).

Now I want to finish the mini lathe and follow with my neverending project with my Trixie....

I must also do some things on the NSR....

Of course I ride my MT-01 almost daily.
Along this week I want to update the blog with all these updates that I mentioned above and reply all mails, messages and comments here at blog, on the Facebook page, GrabCAD, Behance and Coroflot, excuse the late reply. Stay tuned.  I do not deserve the good and loyal readers and followers that I have. Thanks.

Soon new updates of my TRX project, More pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.
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