The TRX Project: First modification. The clip ons.

The first modification in my TRX was replace the clip ons. The stock clip on was mounted on top of the forks, and I wanted to mount it under the forks , because I feel them too high, but I can´t mount the same handlebars because they have only one M6x1 clamp bolt. I think that to be mounted under this bolt not was enough and I search a new pair of clip ons with better clamping (I don´t want to imagine if in a hard braking these bolts were get loosed, I taste other times the road with my bones and I prefer don´t do it again).
The original clip ons hide a little surprise for my, one of them is WELDED & a little bit bented. Then is when I´m sure that I MUST to replace I´t . In my search of a new ones I find the page of a german manufacturer of a CNC aluminion alloy bike parts like clip ons , foot rest, crash pads, clips on,etc... . LSL Motorradtechnik is this manufacturer, they webpage now is only availiable in german but english is comming soon. I look for the spanish distributor of LSL and this was dream machine , I´m a lucky guy this company is located in Chiva, a town near Valencia & and I live in L´Eliana another town near too, I called dream machine and I talk with them & I bougth this throught neu Neumoto a bike shop on Valencia(The handlebars I bought are all in aluminium color) .

They have a high quality CNC machined work in 2214 T6 Alluminium.The torque settings of all of the clamping bolts in the LSL handlebars , all M6-screws, you have to tighten the screws with 10 Nm and to repeat the tightening alternanting with both screws two times.In the Yamaha clip ons the torque settings are : handlebar retain bolts 23 Nm & the holder clamp bolt is 17 NM. The fork clamp bolts, yo must loose these to slide the fork bars to replace the clip ons , you must tight to 23 Nm.
To take advantage of the situation I replace the Oxford heated grips from the last owner for a new Renthal grips. Oxford grip don´t like me because I think never really need it and are more big (in diameter) .

The old Oxford heated grips.

The new , and better, Renthal grips.

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Carlos | May 26, 2008 at 12:35 PM

Interesante blog, es raro encontrar gente con esta moto, yo solo he visto dos aqui en barcelona.
Y a la mia le quedan los dias contados, supongo que me la cambiare por la tdm. La mujer se queja de incomodidad. Una lastima, pero bueno, buscaré el mismo motor con mayor comodidad. Un saludo.

BHS Interceptor | November 17, 2009 at 12:20 AM

Va siendo hora encontar blogs asi en España. Es una pena que no haya más. En hora buena y ráfagas ;-)

DrSlumper | November 17, 2009 at 8:43 PM

Muchisimas gracias!!! Te agradezco que visites mi blog. Intento tener el blog minimamente decente, no te imaginas las horas q le echo...

Gracias de nuevo

Anonymous | September 13, 2010 at 7:38 PM

cuando veo la calidad de tu trabajo, y lo relleno que esta tu blog, pues si que debes pasar tiempo!! tu trabajo sobre la trx es impresionante, he tenido una (azul)y le puse tambien el basculante de de la yzf750, y tambien las pinzas de la r1, pero termine sobre un ford Ka y no gané..ahora tengo un trucati 900ssie,brroooooaaaaa echa un vistazo a mi blog que te parecen mis disenos??

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