Hello again, this is my ´96 Yamaha TRX 850. I bought this amazing bike in march 2007, I´m the third owner, the bike is in a good condition (except for a little screpe on the left muffler & the front brake lever product of a little crash), the bike was painted in the same red by the last owner & put the white stripes along the bike. When I bought the bike was taking mounted a medium use Pirelli Diablo corsa & monoblock front brake calipers from a ´2000 Yamaha R1 .
The rest of the bike was en stock condition.

In this blog I will publish the evolution of my trixie, I hope make a little upgrades like a replace the stock parts for an aftermarket parts that I think can be better for the bike, single drive seat conversion, make lighter than as posible , grind the seat valves , modify & replace the valve guides guides (because its consmes some oil), port & polish the intake minfolds , maybe some day replace the BDST 38 Mikuni carbs for an Keihin FCR 41,replace the exhauts, someday replace the conventional forks for another inverted fork,etc...

All of this things is that I want, but to do this I need a lot of time and money and I don´t have any of both things, step by step I will be doing these modifications on my TRX and I will publish my advances in thi blog.

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