The TRX Project: Silicone hoses

Other of the first modification was the coolant hoses, I replace them for a new Samco silicone hoses.

Samco Sport has a wealth of experience and expertise in Performance Automotive Silicone Hoses. They specialise in providing premium quality hoses for most major automotive applications including coolant and turbo/CAC systems. 

These hoses are manufactured with high quality reinforced silicone ,and had better heat dispersal, , lower running temperatures and reduces the risk of failure.

Hoses munted on my dirty TRX

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hose adapters | July 13, 2010 at 5:25 AM

This Silicone hoses seems so interesting. I never try to use that before, Anyway, I will also try that. I just wonder how much is it. Thanks for sharing.


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