Wellcome again. Presentation.

Wellcome again to THE TRX PROJECT ,sounds very cool but the truth is that is a home made project .Now I´m working in the configuration of the blog (This is a hard work for me because I don´t have any experience in blog or web construction) and I´m preparing the contents that will be published in this blog.
I create this blog to show my ´96 YAMAHA TRX 850 , I hope finish it some day, and make a tribute to this great bike and share with others trixie owners documents, photos, technical information, tightening torque´s, 3d Drawings, parts upgrade, tools drawings, etc.....

Moreover the contents about my TRX and TRX information I want to publish posts of others TRX´s , TRX/TDM/XTZ engined bikes and cars,motorbike engined vehicles, rotatory engines and bikes of others manufacturers, overall twins, V-twins & boxer twins.
In this blog I will post all the mods and up grades that I´m making on my TRX, whith all the information that I´ve  the photos, sketches, CAD drawins, Solidworks  parts & planes,etc....

If you are a TRX owner please send me yor TRX photos or technical tips or if I can help you please ask me (but I think that I too much things to learn than to teach). I hope the blog will be a meeting point of the YAMAHA TRX 850 lovers.

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