When the TRX comes CAR.

If you´re a TRX/TDM lover I´m sure you want one of THIS, the perfect couple for your beloved TRIXIE. The leading actor of the day is the EXTREME ATV, this buggy remainds me a grasshopper whith a strong caracter, this adult toy comes from australia . The manufacturer "The edge australia" offers others model whith others engines, briggs & stratton from 148 c.c. to 627, but I PREFER the YAMAHA TRX rear engined buggy custom built for a Customer in California. Whith his 85 cv, horspower enough to have a lot of fun, 170 kph ( 105mph ) maximun speed, 440 kg ( 968 lb ), rear transmision whitout diff. box & the sound of the trixie engine + K&N filters roaring behaind you...... The DrSlumper burn in jealous, he needs one....(whithout medication can be dangerous). Please look the aparent simplicity of the frame, excellent engine accesibility and beter for maintenance .I think that dissasembling the driver seat you can get off the cylinder head & block. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Overall length - 2800mm ( 107" ) Overall width - 1950mm ( 77" ) Overall height - 1450mm ( 57" ) Track - 1550mm ( 61" ) REAR, 1550mm ( 61" ) FRONT Wheelbase - 2200mm ( 86.5" ) Wheel travel - 400mm (15.7") Ground clearence - 325mm (12.5" ) Speed - 170 kph ( 105mph ) Approx weight - 440 kg ( 968 lb ) Engine - Yamaha TRX 850 Power - 85hp Exhaust - Edge made 2 into one, straight through can. Air filtration - 2 x K&N filters with K&N socks. Oil system - Dry sump. Cooling - rear mounted alloy radiator & thermo fan Gearchange - right side sequentinal 5 speed gearshift. Final gearing - 4:1, 15-60 tooth, 530 pitch race chain Clutch operation - hand clutch on gearshift lever Fuel tank - 20 litre alloy with flush fit racing fuel cap. Acceleration - 0-100kph in 5 seconds Rear brakes - 300mm diameter "XTREME" rotor & single piston caliper Front Brakes - 240mm diameter rotor & single piston calipers Front Rims - 12x5" rims Rear rims - 12x10.5" rims Front Tyres - 25x8x12" Dunlop ATV Rear tyres - 26x12x12" Kenda Bearclaw ATV Front Shocks - Edge SHOCK750 Rear Shocks - Edge Custom two stage with adjustable compression & rebound. Steering - XRV 1/2 turn rack & pinion Chassis - heavily braced extended version of the standard XRV chassis. For me the Xtreme ATV has a good curriculum vitae, the manufacturer sells the buggy or the plans in this home page, see the links bellow, in the same page shows a lot of photos and 3D renders of the "grasshopper" as the rest oh their buggys. The rear transmision, without diff, is too compact and simple and appearance good quality and strong. The rear brake disc has 300 mm (for me more than enough) & the double triangle suspension is fully adjustable. Moreover all of this the same manufacturer builds for your "grasshopper" a custom trailer to carry on your car. .....................and the perfect buggy for MAD MAX...................
This is only a link with the page of ebay THE TRX PROJECT or DrSlumper don´t have any relation with the seller/part.
LINKS: The Edge Australia. Home page of the manufacturer. Direct link to the TRX ENGINED BUGGY Wallpapers.

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