The trx Project: The air box.

To improve the engine breathing one of the things that I must to do was make higher the flow on the intake, replacing the standard air filter for an aftermarket high flow filter or replace the airbox for apod filters .
But the airbox dont have too much surface in his mouth because it and after read in forums topics from other TRX owners, I decide to dismantle, clean &
make some holes on the airbox.

I know that I´ll have problems with the carburation, because the new flow/Temperature but I mount it to test how the engine works with the older carbs setting. When the I finish the re-assembly of my trixie and switch on the engine starts normally, with a little bit more admision noise (but when I reved the engine this noise is more powerfull) and the idle speed go down around 200 r.p.m.
On the road my first test was on highway and my teories come real. At low revs the engine comes up fine, better than before the airbox engine I think, but when it arrive around the 6000 r.p.m. the engine cant´t go more. In cornered roads can ride with it but at high speed I miss a 1/4 engine. In following articles I will show how I done to dismantle & clean the carbs to replace the jets from a Dynojet kit.
This was when I understand how much I need a vacuometer to make a good setting of the carburators,hard work for me because my brabery mixted with my less knowledge make me start things that I´m enable.I don´t know how many time will take me. Them I started to join the materials I need to make a vacuometer.

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quiller | September 16, 2008 at 4:48 PM

i need news! hurry up!!

veodoble | April 4, 2009 at 1:25 PM

lo que yo te diga, mi héroe, además te fabricas tus propios vacuómetros, toma ya!

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