The TRX Project: Porting & polishing the intakes.

Hello again, sorry for this time without new posts, but now I have proposed to take seriously my little project and keep the blog upgraded. Like I say in my last post I bought a complete cylinder head and cyclinder block with barrels to porting them and when I finish replace to my stock head of my TRX. The first step was clean it and start with the intakes.
And after that I make a sketch of the intakes for draw them on Solidworks, maybe some day I need it for manufacture a new ones to mount a Keihing FCR´s or Mikuni TDMR´s but this day is so far.........
With the intakes drawed on SolidWorks I have the posibility of export the archives extension .sldprt to .iges, .dxf, .dwg, etc... to a CAM software to manufature a new one or modifed into a CNC machining center or extract 2D planes for a external machining workshop. Once clean & draw was finished I start the work of grinding, sanding & polish the intakes to make a perfect transition to oval to circle shapes with a smooth & polished surface. In the next image you can see the stock intake before I started to put my dirty hooves on. The stock intake it´s made in cast aluminium with two rough boring surfaces to make a "better" transition between the two shapes. In the photo above you can see the slot for the toroidal gasket. To make this work I used my Dremel, or another tool like a Dremel or a neumatic grinder can be used, sand papers , grinding stones, brushes etc... 1st. Step. Grinding. With the Dremel and a carbide tool I started to grind the four edges result of the intersection of surfaces. These edges generate very negative turbulences in the admission flow and must dissapear because these turbulences affect the speed and pressure of the gas admission and the filling of cylinders. You must be very careful with the Dremel for not grind too deep, if not you can do littles holes that you can´t sand after and when you finish the sanding stage you will see this marks. 2nd. Step. Sanding. Once I finished the edges grinding y start to sand all the internal surface of the intake. First with the Dremel sanding drums and flapwheels to soften the grinding and make more progressive the tangency between the different curves that form the intake. Some fotos........
And after that comes sanding with sandpaper of several scales to water sandpaper. 3rd. & Last step polish. The last step to get a good surface finish is polish with a felt wheel and polishing compound. ......and finally after a lot of work......
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veodoble | April 4, 2009 at 1:16 PM

colega, eres mi héroe, no sólo tienes gusto por una de las motos más infravaloradas en españa, si no que además tienes gusto con el lego y dibujas de puta madre! agrego tu blog a favoritos!

Velocitator | February 20, 2012 at 4:05 PM

Hace tiempo desde que hiciste todo este trabajo, no sé si leerás este comentario, aún así, tengo algo que decirte. No es buena idea pulir los conductos de admisión, la mezcla de gases no es tan buena como si el aire pasa por una superficie rugosa,

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