Dr Slumper recommended pages: The GTA Concept. The 21st Century Spanish Supersportcar

Hi, today I wanna recommend you visit the page of this awnsome car, The GTA Concept. The 21st Century Spanish Supersportcar.
This beauty is the the work of GTA motor Valencian racing team located in Torrent, city near Valencia (Spain) .After the racing experiencies in various categories since 1994 , including the Spanish F3 Championship, GTA Motor has decided to design & build this V10 supercharged engine with around 780 HP, that you can feel behind yor ears for a better mass distribution the engine is central-rear with longitudinal crankshaft,7 speed secuential shift, More than 340 Km/h and linited slip differential. This powerfull engine is located in a monocoque chassis combination of honeycomb, carbon, kevlar and titanium with carbon and composite bodywork panels , electronic spoiler regulation, floor effect venturi tunnels, double wishbone configuration, adjustable geometry and anti-roll bar regulation, and electronic shock absorber with vehicle height regulation. But all of that needs "shoes" and something to stop "it", two pairs of generous 265/35 ZR 19 at front mounted in a 19´x10´ rims and 335/35 ZR 20 & 20´x13´ at rear had the work to translate the 780 HP to the road. The brakes..........6 pistons calipers front & rear, carbon-ceramic brake sistem with forced ventilation and of cours ABS..... uuuuufffFFFFFF... That´s a CAR. I admire very much this project, because must be hard work carry on this kind of project and I think that very soon we can see this spotscar drawing wide black lines on the track. If you want to know more please visit the GTA Concept web page or the GTA Motor team home page.

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