The TRX Project: The LEGO TRX Trellis Frame.

Last week I built a TRX Trellis frame with Lego Technic parts and I want to show some photos.
I try to build the frame of the TRX with my Lego Technic parts,it isn´t a exact geometry reply, but it is as realistic as I could with the pieces that I have. To build the frame I had to dismount one Lego engine that I had mounted from 3 years ago.
........and after a lot of try & error..... ......some detailed photos of the rear linkage suspension...........
Nowdays we are living a new goldenage for the trellis frame, not only the Ducati morcycles have this kind of chassis. Now a lot of new models like the Aprilias SVX, Mana, Dorsoruro.... or Suzukis like SV 650, SV1000 & the new Gladius, MV Agustas, some Bimotas, the Honda VTR 250...and of course the Ducatis..... and other many bikes have a trellis frame in steel pipes, steel/molded aluminium, all aluminium. The Trellis frame, like the aluminium perimetral frame, connect the steering head with the swingarm as directly and strong as possible. This kind of frame is made up of a large number of short steel or aluminium pipes weded together or aluminium casting with this structure to form a trellis. Also exist a combination of steel pipes with casting aluminium subframe.
  • 1999 Suzuki SV650 frame
  • Honda VTR 250 / Ducati Monster 695
  • Suzuki SV 1000

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