Your projects: The TRX & SZR from Castellón (Spain)

Hi everyone again, today I have the pleasure to show a one of the few Spaniard TRX who sent me Luis from Castellon. We are almost neighbors Castellón is one of the three big cities of Valencian Comunity with good beach a lot of sun and twisted roads to ride, Luis unit it´s a red TRX ´98 and you can see it below...

Nice Trixie in mint condition.
He has made the following changes on his trixie: 
- Roads Italia carbon fiber exhausts.
-Front yzf r6 monoblock calipers. -Front adjustable Brembo master cilynder.
-Stainless brake lines.
-Clear bulbed windscreen.
-Crash protectors/sliders.
-Front mudguard in pearl blac.
-Clear turn lights.
-Carbon fiber covers on top joke, tank cap, subframe and  water pump.
-Swing arm aluminium bobbins. 

Because it´s a very very rare bike in Spain (we feel lucky owners of this awesome machine) we have a lot of questions about the bike from other Spanish riders and specially from the Ducatists that can believe that they are seeing.

Luis with his beloved TRX. But Luis is not just a lucky man to own this beatiful TRX he had also another little Yamaha jewel...

...he have also this Yamaha SZR 660 track bike, another great election and one of the single bikes that I also like, as of course the Yamaha´s SR´s,  SRX´s  or the MT-03.

Luis sliding his knee with the SZR on the track. I want to thank to Luis his photos and his patience for my late reply to his mail and wish him much enjoyment with his bikes.

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Anonymous | March 18, 2010 at 10:31 PM

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