GTA Spano World Launch. Dr Slumper was there.

After the problems of blogger with the widgets that prevented me to publish new posts but at the end I could finally write this words that you´re reading. As I saw few days ago (in this post) I had the opportunity of attend to the official world launch of the GTA Spano in the incomparable setting of the Hemisferic, an eye inspired building that can open/close his eye lids with a hydraulic/mechanic structure of steel and glass, sited in the Valencia city of arts & science.
The presentation of the GTA Spano was really great and around 2.000 people assist to the act. People of the motorsports, politicians, spanish F1 ex-drivers, GTA drivers, GTA Crew, suppliers, buyers, investors, distributors, celebrities and a lot of press photographers and cameras from spanish and international tv´s , newspaper & magazines.
After wait all the people was inside the Hemisferic & some cocktails, the presentation start with some words of Domingo Ochoa, Manager & owner of GTA Motor explainig the enourmus effort that the GTA team had spend in make real one dream, the GTA Spano.
Trhoghout all the event images of the car and audivisual effects were projected inside the hemisteric and making a big moon with the spherical shape of the imax cinema hosed inside the "eye" of the building. But that all the people and I want to see was the GTA Spano finished, I had the opportunity to see the car few days ago in the GTA motor headquarters but the carbon fiber body panels were removed and the technicians of GTA were doing last hour adjustaments . This moment arrives when the sound of the V 10 engine of the Spano (modified engine block from a Dodge Viper) and the lights of the fireworks on both sides of the little distance between his hide place out the cameras to cross the white panel to be shooted with hundred of flashes and the applauses of all the presents.
The man who drove the car was Sento Pallardó, the engineering team manager and car designer. Now the GTA Spano is a real supercar that costs more than 600.00€ made for this kind of people that love the sportscars and they already have some Lamborgini, Ferrari, Porsche or Aston martin paked on their garages but thats is not enought and they wants arrives to Monaco after across Europe with Beyoncé like a copilot, burn some 500€ banknotes on the casino between a couple of silicone blondes and have an almost security that he drive a really exclusive car like a zonda, Koenigsegg or Ascari KZ1.
But the Spano is much more than this, it´s a car born in a racing team and built with the best materials and a specs to fight face to face against the best sportscars of the world. If you want know more about the GTA Spano read THIS.
....Dr Slumper was there.....
I´m happy to be witness of the birth of this Spanish super sportscar, designed, manufactured and built in Valencia and I´m sure that this car now have a page of the Spanish automovil history. History not as extensive like other countries but with excellent referents like Pegaso or Hispano Suiza. I hope when the 99 units of the Spano were finished Domingo Ochoa and the people of GTA Motor start a new project like this. Some official pictures, solidworks renders & studio photos.
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