DrSlumper recommended pages: Google SketchUp & 3D Gallery

Another page that I discovered along this weekend is Google SketchUp, a free 3d software (like the 3dvia shape) program with which we can create, edit and share our designs. I installed it to test and try to learn how to use it. In the same page of Google SketchUp you (and I) can find a lot of useful video tutorials to learn.
The other wonderful aplication of Google, I´m user of many of them Blogger, Picassa, Analitycs, Reader, Google Earth/Maps and of course the Google search, is Google 3D Gallery or 3dwarehouse, here you can find a lot of colections of 3d models, buildings,cars, bikes ,planes , ships, constructios, helicopters..... In this pages you can find a lot of nice models of all kind of bikes, vehicles, cars and also engines, frames and engine parts from designers from over the world. I post here some of this models here but you can find a lot of them in Google 3d warehouse.
I hope you like it. I expended a lot of time of this weekend reading and watching 3dvia & Google ScketchUp pages and models and I think that these pages are a powerfull tool to design, share and get linked people that like a lot of areas of design and engineering linked.

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