Ducati 748 "catched" by Guardia Civil de Trafico (Spanish Highway patrol).

Another "You must see" video. Look how the owner of this Ducati 748 build and mount under the seat an electric device to replace one of the number from his plate, with a small electic engine or servo from a RC car, some metal wire and some Mecano parts. The system is easily activated from a switch on the support of the clutch oil reservoir. I don´t know if this creative biker was catched riding his bike or if was catched seeking corresponding number plates in the DGT (Direccion general de tráfico)data base that correspond to a Ducati 748. I don´t know but in Spain, with a top speed of 120 Km/h on highways and a lot of good condition roads with 90/100 Km/h top speed and a radar growing up in all straight roads that photograph you and the traffic fine arrives you months later.......always keeping for our safety of course never for take some million of Euros..... This is the reason becouse this kind of home made "attachments" or other devices that hide the number plate ,manually or electrically, under the tail of the bike are being usual like radar detectors or an a handkerchief or flag bound to a turn indicator.
Watch this video from a Spanish news talking about this...

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