Hossack suspension with LEGO Technic

Some days ago, I was reading about the BMW K1300S and his Hossack suspension or Duolever, the comercial name of BMW for this system, and I think myself while I´m reading of the possibility to build with my Lego Technic parts. I start to do that and fit them on the Yamaha TRX 850 Lego Technic frame that I done few months ago. I post here some photos.
This suspension system is geometrically is a double wishbone system in wich the steering and suspension are both independent where the shock damper and the suspension links are not steered and the steering parts are not under efforts. 
Norman Hossack with his Hossack-BMW K100
The inventor of this system is Mr. Norman Hossack (In left picture with an amazing resemblance with Steve Martin) HERE you can know more about in his web page. Another page that I´ve reading is www.carbibles.com, in this page you can read more about motorcycle suspension systems with great pictures HERE.
The BMW K1200S/K1300S was the first comercial bike that use this tipe of suspension (I think...) but not was the first . A lot of bikes had hossack suspension in racing and project bikes. Under you can see more hossack and alternative suspension bikes pics. One of them, wich I like a lot, is the BOTT 1000 Morlaco a prototype bike with honda engine and frame, carbon fiber airbox/fuel reservoir, hossack suspension designed by David Sanchez. He has also a excelent blog in wich talks about his morlaco project,moto2 project with Kawasaki ZX6 engine, the Road racing Spanish championship ( he works in the Kawasaki Palmeto Racing as telemetric and was the translator of the Spanish edition of the Tony Foale book "'Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design"). Take a look clicking here (English) or HERE (Spanish)
  Another project bike that I like a lot is the D1200R from DeChaves Garage... You can visit their page Here (English) or HERE (Spanish).

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