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Sometimes I "explore" the amazing world of Japanese pages, some of them full of banners with epileptic polychromatic graphics, and full of incomprehensible characters (I don´t speak Japanese and I have a poor English) and awesome manga avatars.

Some of this web adventures that I take are looking for infos about the Yamaha TRX, Japanese blogs from owners, pictures.... But to do this the first thing that I do is make my search through www.google.co.jp and look for English versions. After that I open the pages in japanese and I click one by one all the clickable words on the side bars (like a blind because I don´t have any word in Japanese) with the hope to open a tips secction or DIY or if I´m a lucky guy a links pages where find useful infos in English or nice photos from Japanese owners. Sometimes I take good ideas, or smart tricks looking closely the photos from other bikes.


One of this pages is trx850.jp a great page where if you navigate the left side bar you will find in descending order the following sections: Inside TRX / TRX Snapshots / Customizing diary / Tips for riders / Kuroki´s monologue / Links.

Please try to explore this page in special the snapshots and customizing diary sections you will find a lot of pictures where perhaps inspire you or at least view a lot of pictures of TRX and superb paint jobs and moded Trixies.

The big twin YAMAHA TRX 850

Another of this pages is THE BIG TWIN YAMAHA TRX 850 an a TRX owner community where you can find a lot of pictures of cool TRX and a lot of mods or gadgets.

In the section called "OurTRXes" you can find the gallery
of their trixies, one of my favorites it´s this Yamaha/Marlboro colours TRX. Really cool.

I love this bike.....

Link to The big twin YAMAHA TRX 850

10 Valves 5-Valve Parallel-Twin Owners Club

Web page of TRX/TDM/XTZ owners (Click HERE)


Another page with a tuned TRX. (click HERE)

Please If you are a Japanese reader and know good pages where talk about the Yamaha TRX 850, please let me know (thetrxproject@hotmail.com).


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