Your Projects: David´s TRX streetfighter from Sydney.

Hi for all, this week I have received the photos of David's TRX streetfighter from Sydney (Australia). This cool TRX streetfighter had , that I can see in the photos that David send me, a lot of modifications and I suppose many good working hours. The results of David work you can see here.....

In this rear view we can see the fine work done in this bike. Like the Yamaha R1 tail mod and the needed frame modification. The bike keep a clear design and the exhaust pipes are aligned to the tail.
The belly panel, the combination metallic blue with silver/chrome from the frame, wheel rims and the burning chrome undertail and the modified stock fairing makes a balanced streetfighter that seems funny to ride with a great streetfighter design.

David TRX streetfighter mods:

-Modified front fairing and bracket.

-Yamaha R1 complete tail and frame modification.
-Crash pads
-Samco silicone hoses.
-Billet ABM top yoke with handlebar brackets.(
-Fiberglass bellypanel.
-AceWell multi functional LCD computer.(
-R1 front calipers.
-Front and rear wave style brake discs.
-Swing arm bobbins to padock stand.
-Led indicator turn signals.
-Painted wheels with polished rims.
-Paint job.

Nice bike and great job. Thank for your photos.


Yamaha TRX 850 David´s TRX Australia TRX Sydney

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