Cool Yamaha TDM project. Millsy´s TDM

Hi for all, taking a look on Yamaha TRX 850 Enthusiast Forum I saw a topic "Not quite a TRX but..." and I discovered a Yamaha TDM conversion that I like a lot and I think it´s must be a funny bike to ride as a TRX. I think the bike looks so cool and a lot of work on.

Great job Millsy!!!

Modifications of Millsy´s TDM

1. Aprilia RS250 (1994) Fairing and Headlight with cut down side panels.

2. Aprilia RS125 rear seat fairing

3. Suzuki GSXR600 rear light and rear sets.

4. TDM mk2 seat shaved and re-profiled

5. Yamaha Diversion 600 tank,cut and shortened 40mm

6. Yamaha FZR600 front wheel and discs.

7. Racetech clip ons.

8. Micron 2 into 1 pipes and shortened can.

9. Hagon shock.

10. Gas flowed head.

11. Kent Cams.

12. TRX pistons

13. Raised compression (thinner head gasket)

14. FCR41's (fitted later from a set of 4 bought from some guy in Sweden)

15. FZR1000 forks (fitted later)

16. FZR1000 swing arm (fitted later) with shock mount cut from the bottom of the arm and re-positioned on top.This was a tricky welding job which I had a bike shop do.

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