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Hello guys, I´ve some time ago reading a lot of blogs from choppers owners & custom culture magazines, although choppers aren´t the kind of bike that I like for me, or at least for now,  I like the philosophy of "Do it yourself" of many choppers owners, his fond of mechanics and as often how themselves make the  machined parts needed for their bike projects.

Knucklebuster is one of those blog where you can find a lot of mechanical tips, vintage choppers & racing pictures, bike projects, tech docs and the page smells like this "garage ambient" that any biker loves.

This words from Grail Mortillaro, the author of Knucklebuster, explain perfectly the esence of the reason of why bikers around the world  create his own bike projects and open a blog about it.
I’m not a big shop with employees; I’m not a master bike builder, master fabricator or master mechanic. I’m just one guy who loves bikes, loves riding them, working on them, making parts for them, looking at them and learning about them. I work on my bikes in my driveway, shed, basement or where ever else I can find some free space – I don’t have a shop or even a proper garage. I built this site because I love bikes, because I think it would be useful to other guys, because I like sharing information. I built this site because I love the do it yourself work ethic and because I enjoy working on it.
Nice page to visit and explore, I specially recommend the "how to" and the tech docs sections.
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