Your projects: Flatform TRX 850 3d parts.

Hi everyone, in this post I have the pleasure to introduce to Flatform from Athens (Greece). I Knew about Flatform when he wrote me a mail, he also have an a Yamaha TRX 850, and like me he likes models in 3D and works with CNC. He starts to model 3D parts of our beloved Trixie and we will work together to, step by step, model all the parts.

Flatform have a 3dvia account where he upload his first models. Looking them you can apreciate the high quality of his job (I specially apreciate it!!) and how different TRX lovers with thousand of kilometers between can work on the same project: Model a complete Yamaha TRX 850.

Here you can view some models that Flatform have done.


The two screenshots bellow are courtesy of Flatform tha he send me by mail.

I show here a picture of my other panel that I bought on Ebay to help the no-owners of a Trixie to apreciate the hard job done in this model (the panel of the picture it´s in miles because It´s from Australian TRX).



I hope new models from Flatform and I give my most sincere congratulations on a job well done.

Congratulations Flatform for your great job  and thanks to share it with me and my readers!!!

Also everyone that own a Yamaha TRX 850, TDM 850/900 or XTZ 750 and want to share his models parts are ever wellcome.

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flatform | October 15, 2009 at 6:35 PM

Glad you like the parts Marcos, i try my best now that i have some free time to spare. I am looking forward on modelling something on your neat sketches as well, to make this project even more collaborative. My next models will probably be the turn flash-light, front brake hand lever, stock exhaust, remus racing exhaust that i have dismounted. I would like also to make the hand electrical controls when i have time to take them off and tons of others of course. Let's keep it going.



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