Cleaning the valves & making a valve holder tool.

Another thing that I´m doing on the lunch time at job it´s this tool to hold the valves to clean and polish it in a lathe. I have done in aluminum but can be done also in bronze, brass or even plastic materials.

 With this little tool I can hold the valve on the lathe chuck keeping the valve stem of marks and scratches.  I´ve done this tool to  be used on a lathe, but can be made with a external diameter of 12 mm to be used on a hand drill machine (and holding the drill to the bench clam from the auxiliary handle)

The length of the valve stem that must be inside the valve holder must be a little bit longer than the mark of the valve guide, it´s easy to see because this guided part of the estem it´s clean and bright). 

When I clean the valves I´ve specially care with the contact surface beetwin the valve to the seat (this surface must be done in his own place with valve grind) and the stem guided part.

To clean and polish the valves I used diferent grades of sand paper,scrub pad, polishing paste and WD40.

 I still have not finished polishing and cleaning all the valves, when I complete it I´ll publish more photos of it. I have too much things to do........

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