DrSlumper recommended pages: BOTT Power.

BOTT M210 (M2 because it is a Moto2 bike, and 10 because it is our prototype for 2010 season)

This recommended  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED page is another of my daily visits looking for new posts  BOTT Power project was one of my "inspirations" to beggin my own blog. (I´m not comparing my blog with BOTT power).

BOTT 1000 Morlaco and a street version concept.

This excellent blog, written by David Sanchez, shows informations about his MOTO2 project, news of CEV (Spanish championship), technology, etc...

I enjoy a lot reading his post and also I learn about motorcycles design and technology. I recommend you take a look I´m sure that blog will be on your favorites soon. Maybe, if you´re a usual reader of my blog, you remember that I mentioned BOTT Power on my post where I talk about my Lego Technic Hossack suspension.

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