Taking seriously the project. Part I.

After some time too much time preparing for start to do a step ahead on my project, I bought some parts that I need to realize some jobs on my TRX and have a  spare parts if something go bad and I need the stock part.

Along this time I bought the following parts to start the project and have enough parts to  work  on the bike and to make all the modifications needed on the frame to replace the rear tail and reposition some elements of the bike.

New belly panel on fiberglass bought on Ebay  but I´m not sure if I´ll mount on the bike. If at the end I mount this on my TRX will be in matt black with belly panel stickers in white. But I don´t know I like a lot the trixie with all the engine naked....

New rear tail "monoposto" on fiberglass, shorter and lighter than the stock tail (with scketched design that I want to the paint job scketched).

Used rear fender, where allows battery, relays, CDI, turn signals and tail light. I bought this because I must to modify the stock fender and I want to have a spare part of them. I also bought the rear tail light, turn signals and all the screws and clipnuts.

Used complete  cylinder head, cylinder block and pistons.  Bought by Ebay in working condition (click here or here  to know more or here to 3D Solidworks model).  I boght this  cylinder head to work on the flow velocity on admision/exhaust ports, improve the lubrication system, win some compresion ratio, replece the stem guides seals, porting and polishing the intakes, etc........

Complete front fairing with head light, fairing bracket, instrument panel (in miles) and wind screen. I have an a idea on my head to modify/redesign the fairing bracket and maybe add a support to a hypothetical air duct to the air box.

The front fairing (the blue one on the left) it´s damaged on the left side and the top edges cutted. I must repare it maybe it will be modified for a new air duct from under the headlight or one of the sides of the fairing to the air box (the stock air box or a custom build on aluminium or carbon fiber).

One of the parts that I awaited a long time to buy (with rational price) it´s the YAMAHA YZF 750r (used) reinforced swing arm. One of the common mod on every TRX project.

Used stock airbox, I made a little modification on my airbox and I need another one if I want to realize at the end a air duct.

Now I´ve a lot of work to do and this is the reason because now I'm starting to totally dismantle the bike to start all this modifications. But I had a problem. I´ve a parking place on the communitarie parking of the building where I live , but here I can´t have my bike dismantled, tools, parts,etc....

I was along the last month asking to my friends, my family, search on classifieds for a small (and cheap) garage or warehouse for rent. But I don´t found anything. Because I need  some space to start to dismount my TRX and start to work seriusly on the project I rent a small room (4 square meters!!!!!) to use it like a garage for my TRX and all the parts and tools that I have. I will use it until I found a better place to work.

To maintain some order in the execution of my project I've set some goals that I hope to accomplish in the coming week.

  • Dismantle fairing, fuel tank, air box, rear tail & wheels.
  • Dismount the electric system.
  • Extract the coolant from the engine/radiator/hoses.
  • Dismantle all commands from handle bars and throttle/clutch cables.
  • Extract front fork with front brake instalation.
  • Dismantle the steel frame from the aluminium rear arm bracket.

Once I´ve done this goals I´ll be ready to start to work on my first "big" modification, Replace the stock tail for the fiberglass tail, modify the rear part of the frame and change the position of the seat lock to the front seat (to open it with the key).

Moreover all this things I want to scketch some parts to do on Solidworks.In following posts I´ll tell more news of my project.

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