Double ration of good news from 3dvia. Tooler 20" & Flatform´s TRX front rim on top ten.

This week I have double ration of good news from 3dvia. My 3d TOOLER 20" wheel and the Yamaha TRX front rim made by Flatform was both selected to the 3dvia top ten week 50. I want thanks again  from here to 3dvia for his mention to our work.

All the selected models are all great works, and I congratulate all authors for his  great jobs  But the model that really like me (for obvious reasons) it´s the front rim that Flatform modeled. The level of detail is awsome. It´s just a exact Yamaha TRX 850 3D front rim. Impressive.this model It´s top ten because his  deserving merits.

All my congratulations to Flatform. you can see these and other Yamaha TRX 850 parts 3D in my 3dvia account or Flatform 3dvia account.

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Ooops | November 2, 2009 at 1:24 PM

Mmmm! Yammy! Nice stuff!

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