Your projects. More pictures of Jorge´s TRX track bike.

Jorge knee down with his pretty TRX on Catalunya Circuit.© PixMotoRR

Jorge sent me more pictures of his TRX and told me more info about his project. He had before this TRX some XT´s that change for a ´91 TDM and some time later for another TDM,an a 1999 model.
Twin twins.

After own two Yamaha TDM´s Jorge fells in love with this engine and bought his first TRX (the red one) to road use. Some time later Jorge bought another YAMAHA TRX 850 for spare parts.

Naked and waiting for comming back to asphalt (look the front rim!!)

But at the end Jorge changes his plans for his second TRX, sentenced to be a donor bike, and start to repair and upgrade this to be a track bike. Good decision.

Before and after install the YZF 750 r swing arm.

To prepare this survivor TRX for a new life on track Jorge improve the chassis replacing the stock swing arm for a reinforced YZF 750 r swing arm, inverted forks, race front fairing (that now is painting like the Yamaha TZ´s 250  of the 90), Dynojet jet kit and  K&N filter. Also now is modifying the rear tail to convert it in "monoposto".
.....under construction......

Beautyful   TRX ,I like a lot the TRX in white, I´ll paint my TRX in white  and actually I´ve the same design oj Jorge´s bike but in red/white colours. The chassis improvements (Swing arm & front forks)  and the new front calipers makes the Yamaha TRX 850 in a extremly funny bike for tracky days. Jorge says me on his mail ".....I really fell in love with this engine although is not very powerful, is very elastic and takes  you hooked...." I completely agree with the words of Jorge. 

Beautiful picture from the forks

I like a lot race and functionally projects bikes, congratulations Jorge great job!!!. I hope Jorge send more pictures with the final job work finished.
...ready to ride...

More pictures on THIS Facebook gallery on TheTRXproject Facebook page.

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