DrSlumper. CEV Weekend on Ricardo Tormo Circuit.

Last weekend (21/22 November 2009) I was on Ricardo Tormo Circuit of Cheste (Valencia) to view the last race of the CEV (Campeonato de España de Velocidad) and the Kawasaki ZXR6 Ninja CUP that follow this championship.

I with one of the Ninja cup Kawasaki ZX6.
(#42 Jose M. Ramirez Carmona, Guest pilot).

World championship #38 Bradley Smith´s  Aprilia 125 RSA 

World championship #12 Esteve Rabat´s Aprilia 125 RSA 

CEV 125GP #7 Mattia Tarozzi´s Aprilia RSA Team Sachsenring.

I made many photos on the padock, I usually spend more time walking on the padock watching the bikes and the teams working at boxes than inside watching the races,  I post here some of this pictures.
The Colombian Yonny Hernandez Vega on his GSXR

#12 Fco. Jose Alonso Yamaha R1 Alomosport team.

All races weekends are funny but this its the first time that I´ve the opportunity to see MOTO2 bikes, I have great expectations with this category on the world championship. But I was sad when the rules of MOTO2 changes to exclusively Honda 600cc engine. 

 #29 Pablo Barrio MOTO2 AJR Atecomsa AEMA Team

I take the opportunity to see detail on the bikes in "parc fermé " and take the chance to make a lot of photos.

Machined frame bracket welded to pipes, regulation plate for foot rest and 
rear aluminium subframe linkage (AJR)

This weekend I  was watching  the different frames and technical solutions used on MOTO2 bikes, specially the steel pipes frames & swing arms, where the engineering  of the teams must have done a hard work if they want a competitive bike.
Look the aluminium fuel tank from the rear part of the airbox to almost the tail 
through the subframe under the seat for a better mass distribution
Here the frame of the BOTT Power project that it´s quite similar to the AJR Moto2.

#9 Julia Olive MOTO2. I don´t know the team. 
Please if you know what team built this beautiful Moto2 post 
a comment. I like much this bike and I find a very cafe racer aesthetic.

 #9 Julia Olive MOTO2. Rear suspension linkage.

I in the Extreme/Moto2 Park fermé

In some custom blog I read "..the oxide is not a status, it´s a colour!!!!..." 
I think that with the carbon fiber also happens sometimes.

#7 Daniel Rivas MOTO2 Honda Moto2 BLUESENS BQR Team

#72 Daniel Arcas Aznar MOTO2 AJR LA SELVA CIRCUIT Team

Another bikes that I like so much are the BeOn Automotive 450GP racing bikes, based on standard off-road bikes this Spanish company has developed a kit to make a very pretty race bike. I hope that someday BeOn launch a street legal version.

KTM SXF 450 based model.

SUZUKI RMZ 450 with the 450GP BeOn kit.

Honda CRF 450 based model.

This kit is also developed for the Kawasaki KXF 450 and Yamaha YZF 450.

Walking along the paddock I found, in the Team Quinto hospitality (A Spanish CEV team), two little 2 stroke jewels.
An a Honda 250 NSR & a Yamaha TZR 250.

But not only I found good mahines inside the circuit, see what bike was parked outside.....

......an a Yamaha FZ 750 five valves first motorcycle.
I mentioned it in this post talking about the TRX 850 cylinder head.

All races weekends I enjoy looking the races, specially the Extreme race with the battle beetwin Carmelo Morales / Kenny Noyes / Javier del Amor, the pit-lane activity and the paddock action (and the diverse moppeds, bycicle, minibikes, Honda monkey´s & Zoomer´s ...that the crews of the teams use to move on the paddock) . 

I don´t know why, but I love this scooter!!!

If you want more about CEV Championship click HERE to visit their webpage.

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