Taking seriously the project. Part II.

As I said in my last project post, where I scored some goals for my project.  I post here some pictures to update the status of my project.

Totally naked and wheels out.

The first step was Dismantle fairing, fuel tank, air box, rear tail & wheels. Removed once all this the bike started to remove all the electrical wiring of the bike, taking photos of their routing and marking the cables with paint tape to facilitate the assembly when the chassis is painted.

Im classifiying all the parts that I removed of the bike and some spare parts that I bought on ebay, in boxes and plastig bags. I´m sure that when I´ll start to assembly them I do not remember a lot of things or what screw was for each part.

Removing the forks.

I hope this fork don´t come back to my frame.

...draining the coolant.....

Cooler out and a  lot of dust and dirt behind where it´s 
more dificoult to clean with the bike mounted.

Now I´ve the frame ready to be sketched and model it on Solidworks before make any modification to have modeled a stock frame. Once I have done it on 3D I´ll make some modifications and paint it.

My Yamaha TRX 850 frame on my living room table.

To sketch it I took it from the garage where I have my TRX to my home, I´m using the table of the living room as a bench to sketch it and take all the measurements needed to do it on Solidworks. But my girlfriend don´t  have the same point of view as I about have motorcycle frames at home. Above you can see a picture of my girlfriend when saw the frame on the table....

 Now I´m sketching it and I hope done it on Solidworks along next week.....

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