Your projects. Bernhard Yamaha ´87 FJ 1100

Hi dudes, here I post the ´87 Yamaha FJ 1100 that Bernhard, who lives in Madrid (Spain) sent to me.
Bernhard is another motorcycle enthusiast that has among other bikes this FJ.He has made many improvements that may not be easy to see except the paint job that I´m sure makes of this "Lady" an a enjoyable ride.
We lives on a time where many people wants for him a 15000€ superbike (R, RR or tripleR if this exists), advanced electronics, ultra light , fuel maps selector,  180 HP, shift lights, etc.... I like see how  bikes from the 80´s/90´s are currently used daily and their owners continue to improve them day by day.

Bernhard 1987 Yamaha FJ 1100 improvements: 

- Front forks from an a FJ 1100  3 CW ´89/´90 to allow 4/6 piston calipers with 100mm beetwin bolts and  300 mm discs.
- Wilbers progresive fork  springs.
- Yamaha R1 Monoblock front calipers (4 pistons in picture but now has a 6 pistons  YZF 750 R ´93 front calipers).
- Rear shock absorber Wilbers 632.
- KN Air filter.
- Stainless steel brake lines (front and rear).
- Nissin semi-radial brake master cylinder and clutch pump.
- Front rim  3,5 x 17 Inches from a Yamaha XJR 1200.
- Rear rim 5,5 x 17 Inches  de una R1.
- Subcarenado Integral de Poly26.
- Custom made seat by Guilliari.
- Barnett clutch plate.
- Aluminium handgrips ABM.

I hope more pictures from Bernhard to post it here. 
Thanks Bernhard for the picture, excellent job!!!. I like to see how other young bikers watch your bike at stoplights wondering what bike is that?!....

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