"The unfinished week", unfinished Solidworks 3d Yamaha TRX 850 frame,& unfinished paint job designs....

Hi again, I think that I was too optimist on my last project post, this last week two last weeks I was working on various themes but I don´t finished any. One of the things that I´m doing it´s model the frame of my Yamaha TRX 850 on Solidworks, now I´ve done the main pipe structure and some details like the fairing bracket and other details but the hardest work it´s done.

To do that I must to sketch the frame to note all the dimension and angles to model it on Solidworks. Starting it creating the main planes defined by the pipes that raise from the direction pipe and the other plane defined by the two pipes under the seat/fuel tank.

 Now I must to model all the brackets and threaded drills where  fairing, fuel tank, coolant reservoir tank, radiator, and the rest of parts that are mounted on the frame. This details aren´t dificult to model on Solidworks but I must to take a lot of measurements, as exact as possible because  when I had finished the frame I will    assemble on it  the rest of parts  that I´ve modeled.

Here I post some pictures with all this details:

Rear seat base point (1), Rear fairing tail mounting bracket (2), Rear fender mounting bracket (3,4,5), Rear seat pivot bracket (6), Exhaust brackets (7), Pins for  Luggage net (8), fuel tank bolts brackets (9, 11), cable routing positioner (10), coils monting brackets (12), fuel tank pivot socket (13).

Rear dumper external gas reservoir bracket (14), rear fender mounting brackets (15),  rear stay bracket (16).

Fuel tank mounting brackets (17), fuel tank pad brackets (18), fairing side cover mounting bracket (19), coolant recovery tank bracket (20).

Steering lock socket plate (21), fairing bracket support (22), under yoke steering wheel (23), radiator mounting brackets (24), thermostat bracket bolts (25), starter bracket (26), fairing/radiator bracket bolt (27).

This week I don´t think that I will do much more because I must to do some things but I wish finish it soon to do some mods on the frame and paint it. Because the day that I must to choose how I want to paint the bike is close I started to print some templates to paint with paint markers different paint  designs to make a decision.

I hope publish the frame finished on my next project post and start the rear tail modification.

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smithlara1 | January 23, 2010 at 4:26 PM

Good Structure planning and good picture.can u tell me what software u people are using to draw
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DrSlumper | February 14, 2010 at 10:07 AM

Thanks Smithlara for your coment, excuse my delay, I use Solidworks to do the 3d models (the first image on the top of this post is a screenshot of Solidworks) and Gimp (http://www.gimp.org/) to edit the pictures that I took with my camera.

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