DrSlumper: My crazy participation in the MIR Racing Moto2 design conquest .

Hello guys, I have some time without upload new posts but this last weeks I´m ending late at work and I arrive too tired at home but I have some posts to publish and this is one of them. 

Last month I participate in a design conquest of MIR racing, I discovered it in his web page but when I read the rules I confused the date of the ending time to send the works with the hour of limit time with the day, things that happen when I sleep 4 hours  per day.

Then I think to myself "well I try to do what I can before go bed and send it to MIR racing", I was all night working on but at six  o´clock morning I relized that I can´t finish the ideas that I had on my mind and here you can see what I finally sent. 

Doesn´t matters this experience helped me to get some practice for when you have to draw the fairing of my Yamaha TRX 850.

 Here you can see all the images of the conquest on the MIR racing Flicker gallery. The images of my design appears under my real name, Marcos Armero.

In any moment I think that I´ll win the conquest but I never done a fairing in Solidworks  and this was a good oportunity to try to do it. I would have made a air intake on the nose and a side exits to the hot air from the radiator, fuel tank cover and rear tail but at the end............

I wrote this post because I think that this design conquest it´s a excellent idea, a lot of engineering students and motorcycle enthusiasts and amateur designers can participate with his designs and show his work to other people.

The price to design winner was 1000€ and the personal satisfaction to see his design racing on the MIR Racing MOTO2 bike (rules of the conquet in PDF). 

The winner project , the design of the team composed by Jordi Poblet, Carla Cava, Bruno di Lella and Oscar Perez. Here I publish some pictures and a video showing this project.

A image of the project winner and some sketch views.

And the other design from Gustavo Higón (www.gustavohigon.com), another great design.

MIR racing it´s a Spanish racing team founded by Julian Miralles, Alberic (Valencia) Spain 1965, Ex-European Champion  and head of the Valencia circuit riders school  (Julian Miralles profile on MotoGP.com) you can visit the Miralles team web pages  http://www.moto2mirracing.com/ or http://www.mirracing.es/ (Julian Miralles Sr. and his son Julian Miralles Jr on the left picture).

Take a look on these web pages to view the work of this Valencian team and see the evolution of his MOTO2 bike to fight for the Spanish championship and they plans to enter on the MOTO2 world championship. I have the oportunity to follow close this project and I like a lot the evolution of the bike and I think that this team can do great things and a great MOTO2 bike.

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