Finished the Yamaha TRX 850 frame 3D on Solidworks.

At the end I FINISHED the frame of my trixie. After a lot of work and time expended to sketch, take measurements and model it on Solidworks, I have the frame ready to begin the "virtual" assembly and I can start to cut the brackets that I idn´t  use , like all related with the rear seat, and cut the rear end pipes to fit the fiberglass race rear end.

Always I do a sketch with the part to model in 3D  where,  before to work on Solidworks, I take the main dimensions thinking how I will do it on SW. Thinking on the 3D sketches and work planes to take the measurements on the real frame . And trying to take that with the better accuracy possible.

But when I had already done much of the modeling, I found a big mistake  on the pipes union where the frame hold the engine by the cylinder head, I made these as if they were co-axial and symmetric. But this was not so.....they have an offset of 8 mm. This little mistake makes me rebuild this part of the frame (I do this part with symmetrical barrers / extrudes operations that I must to modify). And I must to check again my TRX cylinder head on 3D.
Mistakes like this, makes me waste a lot of time. The rear part of the frame also was wrong, because a incorrect angles on 3D sketches that I used on barrer operations. Some times I thinked that I never end....

I expended a lot of hours sketching and measuring the frame to model it on Solidworks. But now I think that worth it!!!. Now I have one of the hardest part to model done and I can start to make the modifications on the frame, on both frames (real and 3D) and my next target on my "virtual" TRX it´s model the aluminium swing arm bracket, YZF 750 R swing arm and  shock absorber linkage.

When I have done the mods on the frame I will update the 3D model. Above a Solidworks screenshot of the left side.

Union with the aluminium swing arm braket or subframe (sketch).

......and 3D detail......

 Consequence of the different adjustments that I had to do, maybe some values of the drawings are incorrect because I ignore some notes or angles that results from others. I try to sketch the clearest form that  is possible for me, but on drawings like this with a lot of measurements to take sometimes can appear a little bit caotic.

.......front view.......

Maybe I must to do little modifications on some mounting brakets but I do this Yamaha TRX 850 frame on Solidworks with the intention to make a trustable 2D drawings 100% manufacurable. At this moment I consider a "beta" version of the frame. When I have made the rear fender done and assembled, (another part that will be a hard job) and the front/rear suspension. I´ll could have a final version 100% checked.
...Rear fender mounting bracket,  Rear seat pivot bracket and base points, fuel tank mounting brackets, etc...

...rear part of the frame, this part had a lot of work....
...external gas reservoir bracket, and thermostat pipe detail...

I hope you like it, this 3D model was a hard work and I´m happy to have finished, now I´m ready to do big steps on my project. The time past so fast and not always I can spend all time I wish or I don´t have enough money to buy parts. I have so much time without ride mi TRX and I can´t wait more. Only I hope that all this time, hours sketching and drawing on Solidworks, this blog,  etc... will worth it.

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Unknown | July 7, 2016 at 3:41 PM

hey ...hi
during the frame modelling in solidworks, from where did u get that dimensions of frame.

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