Ben Murphy´s britten V1000 pictures & John Britten tribute MEGA post.

Ben Murphy (the Australian guy who sent the pictures of the Autodesk Inventor minimoto) it´s moreover a great 3D modeler an a motorcycle enthusiast. Ben said in his e-mail their intention to model the  Britten V1000 in three dimensions on Solidworks.Ben and I have similar tastes about motorcycle  and are both qualified toolmakers and motorcycle enthusiasts.  

An a smiling  Ben posing with one of all times  motorcycle icon.

Ben promised send me the photos that he took on his travel to New Zeland on the Britten and Manawa museum. Here I post the Ben last mail and the fantastic pictures attached.

Hi Marcos,

How's it going?  As promised here are some of my Britten photos from our New Zealand trip last year.  There are some from the small Britten Museum that is in a little back room at Brittco Developments and some from Te Manawa Museum in Palmerston Nth. The display was called "A century of Competiton Motorcycles".  They had John Britten's Aero D one, the V1000 Pre cursor bike and a V1000 on display.  They also had 2 x Buckley Systems 500cc GP bikes, the Burt Munro Indian Replica which was built by Britten Motorcycles for the movie "Worlds Fastest Indian" and many other special and racebikes.  I've attached some photo's of bikes you may also enjoy.  In case you are interested Brittco still stock a good selection of merchandise (including the pewter Britten Scale model) that can be ordered through the official Britten website. 

I hope you enjoy the photos and I look forward to seeing the next installment on your TRX Project.  Keep up the good work.

Best Regards

Ben Murphy.

I liked a lot all  the photos, and after I readed  the first Ben´s mail my Britten interest reborn on me. I knew the Britten history but never I readed too much about. Once  I saw on you tube the John Britten bike story "One man´s dream" I was  really impressed with the work of this man (and the little crew of his team) done and how go years  ahead from the biggest motorcycle manufacturers with  his own  ideas and working hard to make this dream real and winner.

Good  picture  showing the belt cover on carbon fiber, the casting of the engine and the rear suspension shock absorver mounted forward the engine to keep a low  mass center as close possible to the engine for a good  weight distribution .

Another great shot from the exhaust side where we can see the front suspension arm/shock absorber behind the steering dumper and above this the air duct to the intake.

Front view, what can I say. The image talk by themself.....

This bike was a revolutionary state of art of racing motorcycles in the 90´s, carbor fiber everywhere, frameless bike concept, hossack front suspension (like the Lego technic model that I built some time ago)in aluminium/carbon fiber, carbon fiber swing arm with the shock absorber forward the engine, air ducts from the front of the fairing to the intake in a superb carbon fiber design, water radiator on the tail under the seat with studied air flow design that extract the warm air though the tail by one hole at the end of that,........the list of technical features never ends.....

 Some technical detailed pics. from Japanese magazine.


 Britten rear suspension linkage.
And the most impressive of this bike are not only the engineering solutions and revolutionary concepts of John Britten. For me the awesome of this history it´s how a man with the conviction on his own ideas can make his dream true.

Cylinder head 

Viewing the video "One Man's Dream,The Britten Bike Story" you can see all the bike contruction process and what a great guy seems John Britten. Another person that I want to get tribute it´s Mark Farmer one of the Britten V1000 raiders, he dies in a fatal crash in 1994.

Ulsterman rider Mark Farmer crashed his 1000 cm3 Britten at Black Dub, between Laurel Bank and Glen Helen during Thursday practice for the 1994 Tourist Trophy. He was killed instantly.

Farmer had had an one-off ride on the New Zealander built bike because his factory Loctite Yamaha team did not enter the event that year.

Mark Farmer had started racing aged sixteen, riding a Yamaha TZ750. In 1992 he won the British Supersport 400 championship. His best result at the Tourist Trophy was a fourth place in the 1991 Supersport 600 race. In 1993 he had led the Formula One race and set the fastest lap of the race riding his Oxford Products Ducati.

            Cylinder block aluminium cast before machining.

John Britten's Aero D one

V1000 Pre cursor bike 

V1000 Pre cursor bike carbon fiber swing arm

Burt Munro Indian Replica which was built by 
Britten Motorcycles for the movie "Worlds Fastest Indian"

Britten V1000 with CRS team colours.
Kar Lee new Britten V1000 concept published 
on Performance Bikes by KarLeeDesigns.

The genius John Britten (1 August 1950 – 5 September 1995)

Complete gallery of Ben Murphys pitures on picassa.

Because I do this post to publish the Ben´s photos, I want to take the chance to publish some links about the Briten V1000 and his deceased creator ,the One Man's Dream - The Britten Bike Story documentary (9 parts) and one video the TT isle of man. Enjoy it!!

Britten Motorcycle Company Ltd official page

John Britten on wikipedia.

Britten V1000 on wikipedia.
Six Brittens at 25th Sound of Thunder Anniversary on Kneeslider.
The Unofficial Britten Website.

Britten V1000 on

One Man's Dream - The Britten Bike Story

IOM TT'93 Shaun Harris onboard - Britten V1000

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Ben Ruffell | October 26, 2010 at 12:35 AM


"One Man's Dream: The Britten Bike Story" is now available on DVD here:

The DVD is a much more in depth film than the one on NZOnScreen (we made that one as well, and supplied footage to Discovery and others).

There are also some new Special Features on the DVD.


Ben Ruffell

Anonymous | January 9, 2013 at 7:50 PM

That bike is an absolute legend. What amazing ingenuity; a total product of the Kiwi attitude.

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