Your projects. Ben Murphy´s minimoto 3D on Inventor.

Last Sunday I received an email with a pleasant surprise, Ben Murphy , an a reader of this blog (Thanks Ben for your visits and  your positive feedback) sent me a mail with his minimoto modeled on Autodesk Inventor. Ben told me that he also used Solidworks and now is using Inventor, both at work and at home, and to teach himself he has modeled his minimoto as first big 3d assembly.

All measurements were taken using vernier calipers and a protractor 3 months ago, and here are some screenshots from this great minimoto 3d model.

Ben now is thinking about create his own blog where post his advances and new 3d projects, I hope that Ben finally do it and share with us his works. Ben is  now thinking in new projects, he says  on his mail that he want to model with Autodesk Inventor another bike, this time one step ahead, the revolutionary John Britten V1000 race bike (for me one of the best motorcycle design). To do that Ben is compiling info from photos and a scale model to make it as real as possible.

I hope that Ben create a blog and follows modeling new projects, I know how difficult it´s make "reverse engineering" based on a real model and I appreciate that  people like pedro visit my blog, enjoy and share with me their fabulous work. All projects, on real bikes, 3d or both are always wellcome in my blog.

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