The BMW 100 RS of the commercial center.

Hi guys, the summer it´s here, and the motorcycles rise up again everywhere. But this beautiful BMW 100 RS it´s a little special for me. I don´t know who is the owner, but some months ago I see this "lady" a lot of times parked on the commercial center where I usually do my weekly shopping. When I ´m pulling  the shoping cart I´m looking if the bmw is there because that  I try to enter by the left door of the building looking to see if the BMW it´s parked there . I´m wondered with this beautiful  BMW 100 RS (don´t seems that has been restored but it´s in excellent condition) and I always think to myself ".......I must to take some photos and publish it on my blog..." but this winter "she" never was there. Or at least not when I go shopping.

Today I go to cut my hair on a hair dresser sited on this commercial center  and the white boxer was there , and approach the chance to  do with my phone this pictures. I really like this motorcycle but when I was little I did not like this bike, I thought I was ugly and bighead........over time the classic BMW were slowly conquering my heart.

 Rear view.

Everywhere you look, this bike is wonderful, the rear tail, twin exhaust, the boxer engine, the carburators..... if I had enough money would have a classic BMW in my garage,  an a 100 RS ,R 90 S or  a BMW café racer like the bike from Team Incomplete that I also love.......

This fairing it´s a German industrial design masterpiece, an a motorcycle icon by itself.

I posted this bike because I like how some people ride their vintage motorcycles, enjoy them and don´t enclose it on their garages to conserve it unpolluted. The motorcycles were done to be ridden. I only agree with taxidermist owners when the bike it´s a unique piece.

Front view.

It´s not so usual nowdays see this kind of motorcycles like daily bike maybe the owner bought it new but probably not because the plate it´s not from my region (Valencia) but I don´t know.....If some day I have news I will post it here.

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Sil | June 6, 2010 at 1:58 AM

I understand your passion for BMW and a model like this could not ignore, or rather this white model could not pass unnoticed by those who like the classic style of the framework of BMW.
Well... you've managed to take some pictures, really beautiful model.

DrSlumper | June 12, 2010 at 5:00 PM

Thanks Sil for visit my blog and add your comment. I like a lot these old BMW and this in particular took my attention since some time ago and at the end I can publish some photos here.

I visited your blogs and I like a lot. I added your blog on the sidebar, I hope other people enjoy your blog like me.

Best regards & thanks again.

Sil | June 19, 2010 at 9:43 PM

Wow! For me it's an honor you are following my blog and especially putting my blog on your list, again I repeat I loved it, great! I'm sure my friends will love to know your blog will also publish it in my space with your permission! OK?
Good to meet you, friend!
Greetings from Brazil!

TheTRXproject | June 23, 2010 at 9:20 PM

The honor it´s mine. Of course you have my permission to publish it anywhere. I also visit sometimes your other blog (Portuguese and Spanish are quite similar and I was some time working on a Renault factory in Portugal) and I like a lot the surf videos.
I know that these days are hard and sad days for your beautiful country and I hope the best for all brazilian affected.
Regards from Valencia (Spain).

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