John Maragozidis Polaris Outlaw IRS TRX 850 engined quad.

I was looking the Facebook page of my blog and I discovered that someone uploaded  a photo of a quad with a Yamaha TRX 850 engine, this picture was some time uploaded but I haven´t  seen it before. I posted a comment on the photo for request more information and John Maragozidis, the owner of the creature, sent me this photos and some extra information about his TRX engined quad.

John Maragozidis is a quad rider from (Gawler River) Australia, he ride and race with quads and win the quad category of the Australian Safari in 2008. He told me in his mail that he wins the Australasian Safari with the donnor quad for this project, an a Polaris Outlaw IRS and he raced in 2009 with another polaris and he destroyer two KTM engines, in John words "They could not take the load".

 "I have always wanted to use a TRX engine in a quad as I feel they are very reliable and have a nice power curve suited to off road racing. After I destroyed the 2 KTM engines I felt it was time to do what I have always wanted to do."

And this is what john wants to do.....

John pulled down the ´07 outlaw frame and started some measurements to see how it was going to fit the Yamaha TRX 850 engine on the Polaris frame, he must to do new mounting brackets to fit the twin engine on the frame.

John is building this desert quad beast to take on long distance desert rally events like Australasian Safari (4,000km race) and Dakar Rally (10,000km race). He doesn´t ridden it yet as it is at a workshop getting the exhaust fitted, but it is not too far away.

 John Maragozidis enjoying his victory at the 2008 Australasian Safari
I hope you win many more races, have news in a future and see the quad finished and getting dirty on the desert.  John is a lucky man he must take tons of fun with this machine. Please send more pictures with the beast finished.

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