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Last week I was cleaning my hard disk and putting some order on my computer. I uploaded to my Facebook  profile tons of old photos that I took this last years. Some albums are of my period as technical scrutineer of the Valencian Automobile Federation (FACV) in several events and others are from car makers museums, fairs, races, etc....If you´re a petrolhead as I, I think you could enjoy them.  (I share them on The TRX project Facebook page also).

Porsche Museum.
Photos from the Old Porsche Museum (New was under construction)  and  the Porsche Center Stuttgart close to the Porsche factory. I visited it when I was working on Tenneco Automotive, a exhaust systems for automotive industry in Wissembourg (France) near the German border. I scape the sunday to visit Porsche and Mercedes museum in  Stuttgart. I didn´t see anything else of the city....but the visit worth it.
Porsche Museum Facebook Album.

Mercedes Museum.
Album of the visit at Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, the same day of the Porsche museum visit. Too much car porn to me the same day!!!!!. Absolutly  superb!!!

Album I / Album II

F1 GP Europe Valencia Urban circuit 2008.
One of the best weekends of my life. When I was as Technical Scrutineer on the F1 GP of Europe in the new Valencia street circuit in Valencia. I was from wendsday to sunday on the big circus and I took a lot of pictures. I was assigned to Red Bull Racing (I was with the car of David Coulthard in his last season of his career)  with another scrutinner from Barcelona, . And I verify also the Renault F1 Team gear boxes of the Alonso and Piquet Jr. cars. I will never forget this weekend. It´s just another world, maybe too far of real car racing enthusiast. View Facebook album I and II

Le Mans Museum.
I was twice on a really beautiful French city called Tours, near Saint Cyr sur Loire where I was working with two machines on a SKF plant (my machines machining  rear hubs for Peugeot) and because I was near (around 100 Km) of  Le Mans, I took the two times I was there to visit this mythical city of motorsport.

BMW World Final.
BMW World Finals 2006, Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Valencia.  photos that I was scrutineering.. Great weekend!! BMW´s, GT´s, the BMW ProCar ex Piquet Sr., Alessandro Zanardi riding a BMW F1 car.....

Motor Epoca 2007.
Motor Epoca 2007, a fair of classic  cars and bikes. I love classics...!

Ferrari Racing Days 2006 Valencia.
Valencia Ferrari Racing Days 2006,Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Valencia.  Ferraris and Maseratis everywhere....

GTA Spano World Launch Valencia.
World Launch of the GTA Spano (Spanish supercar built in Valencia)  in the Valencia city of arts & science. Click here to view the Album.

Valencia GP2 2007
Valencia GP2 2006 and 2007 photos. Ricardo Tormo Circuit in Valencia.

2008 II Rallysprint Onda (Castellón)
Some photos of the II Rallysprint of Onda  2008 (Castellón, Spain) where I was as technical delegate.

RFEA Stewarts seminar 2008.
RFEA Stewarts seminar 2008 in Guadalajara (Spain). Where we have the Valencian federation material, a Lancia 2000 c.c twin cam 16 valve engine and a Turbo, for a chat by Ramón Ramirez about the verification of the distribution timing and the pressure of the turbo on rally cars.
Luis Moya (Ex-Carlos Sainz copilot) was there also talking about the great benefits of the HANS, with material relased by Schroth, and how verify it, the straps fixation, homologation labels, etc....

CEV Valencia 2009.

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