Project update.

The holidays are ending and I must to take again seriously the work on the trixie. I´m not happy with my advances on my bike project. I have almoust completed the mods on the frame to the new rear tail , but before paint it I want to be sure what tipe of steering damper I will mount on my bike. I don´t want paint the frame and after that weld new brakets to mount the steering dumper.

I have almoust all the parts that I need (cycle part) ,and I´m too anxious to start the mounting of my TRX, I can wait no longer to view the inverted forks and the Yamaha YZF 750r swing arm mounted on the frame

After this months that I had my project in standby by several reasons  now I  want to do big steps on. Once the frame will be painted I can start the mounting of a lot of parts, now I want to sketch and model on Solidworks all the small parts including on the swing arm assembly  (linkage, axles,..) before mount it and make the design of the triple clamps for the R6 inverted forks.
I must to save some money to buy the aluminium 7075 stock blocks and use the Solidworks model, exported to .iges archive, on a CAM software to manufacture  both with into a 3 axis machining center.

Another pending task it finish the modification of the underseat to make it short, I cut the excess part and now I must to weld it. I´m looking videos on YouTUBE and other pages to learn how to weld plastics.

New under seat brackets (20x4mm)

I cut the rear mudguard and I welded new brackets to hold it to the frame, because one section was removed now the two parts don´t have the same wide and I´m thinking a clear form to weld it and keep the box under the rear seat closed to external dirt. Maybe some day I will use this space to put something inside, like programmable ECU, or antiradar device.....

Uummm...I like it!.

I must do also a little mod on the frame to relocate the seat lock assy to open the rider seat with the key lock.


Next week the frame will be ready to paint.... I hope.

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