Summertime, Holidays, beach ,lazy days & submarines.

Beach and tons of suuuuuuuunnnn.......(some times too much for me).

Hi again, saturday I come back from my holidays in La Manga del mar menor with my girlfriend, we rent a apartment this last week to disconect of the daily rutine and enjoy of the beautiful beachs of this piece of land surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Located in the region of Murcia, in southeast coast  of Spain and near of the  Cape Palos "Cabo de Palos"  with the lighthouse and the city of Cartagena.

 Google earth view of La Manga del Mar Menor, Murcia (Spain).

My holidays started two weeks ago and the next week I´m still on holidays.
 I  plained do a lot of things, but in fact these plans were diluted on the clear water of the beach and the sun  did the rest,,, . The first free week,  I was lying  on  couch with the fan blowing my face all time as possible and doing  nothing  that worth it.

 Cartagena port seen from the terrace of the restaurant "La Biblioteca" 
with the cruiser "Oceana" moored in port.

Perhaps the only profitable sewing I did was find a place online where do completely nothing. 

Cape Palos lighthouse.

And this place was La Manga del Mar menor and the city of Cartagena,  beautiful city with amazing architecture and historical significance and huge military., and the amazing beachs of La Manga

 Playa Paraiso inside beach on Mar Menor nice place to do completely nothing.

But the week of lying on the beach , drinking  mojitos on the hotel terrace was I must to do on this week that I still have free to do thousand of things that I was delaying.

And one of them it´s update the blog, these days I want to publish a project update, and some post with things that some readers sent (excuse the delay) and another posts that are surrounding my head along this past weeks of "summeration".

Murcia Regional Assembly.

Summertime, Holidays, beach ,lazy days & submarines......SUBMARINES!!???.

No, I don´t found any submarine on the beach. But Cartagena have hundreds of years of naval tradition
One of the reason to choose this destination was because, as I said before,  I was working  some months on Navantia plant with two machines that I was setting up around two years ago with my last job in a machine tool manufacturer. 

Alfonso XII Avenue at Cartagena port, photographed from the city wall.

One of the city icons it´s the submarine Isaac Peral, in honor to his creator, nowdays exposed on a stand in the Alfonso XII Avenue in Cartagena port.

Isaac Peral and his submarine ,with Juan de la Cierva and the Autogyro,  are  the reference of the early Spanish engineering against all the inconveniences of their times and making history with their contribution to the aeronautical engineering  history .
 Isac Peral submarine.
Those weeks I was there eating and dining in cartagena every day and I fell in love with the city since the first day. And I want always come back with my girlfriend to enjoy the city and the coast on holidays.
 Isac Peral submarine.

 I have a really good memories of these days, I felt like I was on discovery channel extreme machines chapter,  both machines was developed work on the process of manufacture of the external submarine hull (S-80 type and Scorpene). 

 S-80 submarine cutview.

 Scorpene submarine cutview.
 Link to Navantia website in Engish or Spanish
 Link to Navantia on Wikipedia in Engish or Spanish

I was wondered viewing the submarine building in first person at  the Navantia facilities on Cartagena bay.

Isac Peral submarine.

Here I post this article (scanned) published 11/17 May ´08 on XLsemanal Ner 1072 about the submarine construction in Navantia, Cartagena.

The article it´s on Spanish but show interesting pictures inside the facilities where my machines was placed.

But, if you dont speak Spanish you can read this other great article in English. 

Navantia had heavy security rules to prevent industrial espionage, I had to do courses of safety rules inside the Navantia area, no cameras, no phones with camera, wear helmet and safety wear always (I had to wear a helmet even in open spaces without cranes), make a registry of all tools computers that I carry on my car, sign confidelidad agreement,etc.....

Enter or exit from Navantia was always a odissey.
Click on images to enlarge.

Now holidays ended and I must to work....

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