o2engines. Injecting POWER. Hayabusa & BMW R1100s TURBO.

Web page of  oEngines Injecting Power , from Tarragona (Spain), this company offers the following services:

-Design and machining of parts for competition. 
-Empowerment of armored vehicles. 
-Design and construction of turbo kits for all types of vehicles. 
-Transformation vehicle carburetors to electronic fuel injection. 
-Piggy back ECU´s installation  for control of water and methanol injection, additional injectors, nitrous oxide (NOS). 
-Technical advice and technical reports for surveys.

Now the crew of o2engines Injecting Power are working on the web,  but you can see some of their projects like  a BMW R1100s Turbo and a Suxuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa Turbo (both amazing). You can contact in Spanish or  English too if you want more info.

Suzuki GSXr 1300 Hayabusa specs.
Custom build manifolds, forged pistons, forged connecting rods, hand built aluminium water intercooler , blow off, plenum, additional  ECU, wastegate,  hand built aluminium radiator, blowing pressure varies according to the gear selected, oil cooler, Electronically controlled wastegate valve.
Maximum blowing pressure: 1.4 bars

 BMW R1100s Turbo specs.
Variable geometry turbo, low compression pistons, additional  ECU , intercooler, additional injectors, three different maps in the ECU.
Maximum blowing pressure: 1 bar.

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