3d Aluminium swingarm bracket subframe

After a lot of work I finished the aluminium subframe, this part it´s (with the frame) one of where I expended a lot of time because the dificult to take the measurements and sketch it. And I´m not happy with this 3d  Solidworks model because I detected several errors in some axle distances and some mistakes that I want fix forward. 

Because I have another one that I bought on ebay I didn´t finished the subframe. I do not modelled the part for the kick stand and some details because I want repeat it later.


I also uploaded the subframe solid to 3dvia, intalling the 3D XML player you can view it on 3d and rotate, zoom it or switch to wire frame.

Now with the frame, the swing arm and the subframe finished on Solidworks I can start the assembly of the my "virtual"  Yamaha TRX 850 on 3D. Know that soon I will have the frame painted  and the advances on the 3d it´s to me like a injection of ilusion after some months of not much progress on my project.

 HERE the Facebook Image gallery.

...again on the right way...

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