About steering damper. Adam´s TRX from Hungary.

Hi again, two mondays ago I recieved a mail from Adam, another Yamaha TRX owner from Hungary, that ask me if I found how to mount a steering damper and the frame mod to hold it to the frame. As I said on my last project post I´m thinking about what type of steering dumper I will use on my TRX.

 Adam send me two photos of his Trixie with how he has mounted the steering damper, but he told me that  doesn´t like because the damper rod it´s too close the rider Knee. In case of  accident it could make injuries and it is the reason because Adam is looking for relocate the steering damper or replace for another one.

 Adam pass me two links of steering dumper kits for Yamaha TRX 850. The first one it´s from the Belgian manufacturer Toby, and the other one is the Hyperpro kit for TRX, I don´t know if Hyperpro is still selling it, the link it´s from Bike Design Belenux  (Belgian too) a on-line shop that have  the Hyperpro kit on catalog.

There are two types of steering dampers for motorcycle, lineal  telescoping or rotary coaxial with steering axle. I´m still thinking what type  I will mount on my Yamaha.  If the selection criteria were exclusively technical, I will chose a   rotary type. But unfortunately I have to think also in my pocket and I do not rule out buying a second hand that is in good condition.

Thanks Adam for the photos and I hope know more about your Trixie.

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