Olivier Mari Ducati design 3D CAD models.

There are a lot, hundreds, of blogs about Ducati bikes. But in this sea of blogs just born this blog , Ducati Design by Olivier Mari, a French Industrial designer and Ducati enthusiast that, like I, loves Solidworks and do these amazing Ducati concept bikes.

Olivier told me that he has a lot of influencies, Some of these from the Automotive industry (Look the beautiful Alfa Romeo themed Duc Cafe Racer) and he wants transmit on his models the racing and radical stile that he want for his motorcycles. Olivier do this 3D Ducati concepts with Solidworks 2010 rendering with photoview 360.  


Olivier had a Yamaha TRX 850 but he didn´t like the handling of the Trixie (always I thought the TRX it´s a excellent  bike with some improvements) and now owns a Ducati 900 SSie.

But Olivier does not just make these great models, he also is working in other concepts like a straight four Ducati engine bike or on a Supermono with 1098 cylinder head....mmmmm....interesting. Since I discovered this blog I´m always waiting for new posts. I love Ducatis and  I love Solidworks. Visit Olivier´s  blog and enjoy his designs.

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