John Maragozidis TRX 850 powered quad. 2nd place on Australasian Safari 2010.

Congratulations John!. John Maragozidis finished  second on Australasian Safari 2010 with his Yamaha TRX 850 powered desert beast quad  (Polaris Outlaw IRS modded frame) that I published some photos that John sent to  me some months ago and I posted HERE.

John send me more photos of his quad finished and racing on the desert. I like know that a engine of the Yamaha TRX can still race on hard conditions like the Australasian Safari against other vehicles with modern engines developed years after the Yamaha´s  engine.

Hello Marcos,
                                I have some pics for you from the rally raid I did with the TRX powered quad. What a machine! The perfect engine for a quad. Smooth, reliable and oh so fast!

I any had small, silly problems with the machine but nothing serious. Overall a very good, easy to ride and fast as hell quad.

Kind Regards, John Maragozidis.


Thanks John for the photos and congratulations again for your second place, to me in this hard races, like Dakar Rally, only finish the race in one piece it´s almoust a win. Be on  podium it´s just incredible!!. Great pics from


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