Another Lego Technic Hossack bike.

Another Lego Technic motorcycle with Hossack front suspension like the I made on June 2009, on the Yamaha TRX 850 Lego Trellis frame that I made few time before.well this model it´s much better done than mine. 

My Lego Yamaha TRX 850 Lego Technic trellis  frame.
 Looks really great, Lego Technic modern parts are really useful, this model seems like if it was a Lego Technic standard set. When I see the  new Technic parts on ebay I become crazy.  

Some pics of this little beauty...

This awesome Lego Technic Hossack motorcycle I found on the Eurobricks (original thread and thread where someone talks about my model) forum , the author of this model is Erland R.N from Denmark. Here you can see his Lego motorcycle Flickr gallery.

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