o2engines top yoke. Design update.

The design of the top yoke for the Yamaha TRX turbo of o2engines that I´m doing with them, it´s on going.  I sent to Oscar, of o2engines,  the solids of the stock TRX top yoke, and the two versions I modeled to study it under stress forces on finite elements.

Whith these 3d models made on Solidworks and the finite elements analisys, we can make the design improvements needed to find a final design that must be all light as possible and strong enough to withstand the forces that this part put on it, specially on heavy braking.

Yamaha TRX 850 stock.
 Thanks to the finite elements test that Oscar from o2engines is doing on the 3d models, now we can modify the top yoke design streghten critical areas and try with two 6mm metric thread screws or one 8mm metric screw, different thikness, etc...

The TRX project / o2engines design V1.0.
Now we are working together on these fork yokes and I will updating all info related. Soon o2engines will publish the finite elements results and extended info about it.

The TRX project / o2engines design V1.1.

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