869 BF ProTwin. Another Yamaha TRX 850 powered beast.

Another Yamaha TRX powered bike, th 869 BF PROTWIN, beast designed by  Fred Bryla  (he works in the machining of parts for aviation)  who work on it for three years. What a bike man!!!
Yamaha TRX 850 engine with Over kit, remachined camshafts,  headstock and front part of a TRX frame and the rear from a Ducati 996, PVM wheels, HTR shifter, inverted forks, single sided swing arm, new  aluminium air box, a lot of CNC machined parts (I also work in a company of mechanized and I have  obssesion for machined parts) and kevlar on bodywork.

 The BF 869 Pro Twin develops 110 HP on the wheel to 175 Kg fueled.

This Yamaha TRX 850 powered beast was rided by Philippe Jacquet on the Challenge Pro Twin France.

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