Ben Murphy´s electric superbike frame.

Ben Murphy, the Australian 3d modeler and motorcycle enthusiast that sent the minibike  made with Autodesk Inventor some months ago, sent to me another great model of a electric superbike frame that he done to enter on a design contest in Australia.

Ben not only design a frame to a electric superbike, also he do it with a Hossack front suspension, great!. Ben, like me, is a John Britten fan (He also sent me the photos that he took on the Britten museum in New Zeland).

 I posted the screenshots where we can view the tubular frame, all straight without any bent pipe and the steering linkage to the front suspension.  The reinforced aluminium swing arm looks really nice too.

Ben tell me on his mail ".....I am a little disappointed with my entry, I wished I'd had more time and also wished more information regarding the battery specifications/quantity/mass etc. was available when designing my bike.  It has been good fun though and is the first time I've had a go at a major project on Solidworks.  Whether I win or not I am going to finish out the design of the bike anyway because it has been quite a good learning experience.....". 

I totally understand Ben on these words because I felt the same when I entry on MIR Racing Moto2 fairing design contest , you always try to do better as possible, but sometimes the lack of time, arriving home tired after a long day of work and responsibilities of everyday life, do not let you spend all time and efforts that you want. Anyway I think that Ben have done an excellent model and I hope see soon the whole bike finished.

If you want see this and other   designs that are participating  on "The electric superbike project" , a design contest thats being run by the major Solidworks distributor in Australia and is only open to Australian citizens.  The winning entry is going to be built by one of our top race engineering companies and will be sold at auction for charity. Thanks again Ben.

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