Saturday CEV Series 2010, looking for inspiration.

Last Saturday I was on the CEV series, I was only few hours but I had enough time to see some moto2 bikes that I´m interested, I  took some photos and get some inspiration about the design of the yokes for my TRX and the design that I´m doing to o2engines.

Kalex Engineering moto2.
I like the saturdays on races because there are not too much people and I can see the teams work on paddock better than sundays. Sunny day, races, engine sounds on the air, moto2 bikes......some times wake up early on weekend worth it...

The MIR Racing moto2 that was shown on the EICMA in Milan (Italy) this year.

 The IAMT Factory Team from the team RP2 being cleaned after a crash.

The other trellis frame (with Bottpower) on the grid, the AJR moto2 from Llados team.

The Bottpower M210 (one of my favourites, I posted the photos last week HERE) trellis frame too.

The RC moto2 from RC Recouso Sport Team, not totally finished yet. (this unit with Honda CBR 600 forks).

I´m sorry because I don´t took more photos to the Inmotec moto2.

Because I´m now thinking on the design to my new triple clamps to mount the Yamaha R6r forks on my trixie I was looking how moto2 teams built them to "stole" ideas. I focused my atention on the different solutions of the clamp area, cut orientation,  shape , number and size of bolts, steering damper brackets, etc....

 IAMD moto2 top yoke.

MIR Racing moto2 with axle lenght adjuster inetgrated on the top yoke.

Kalex Engineering moto2 top yoke and lenght adjuster ond the headstock.

Bottpower M210 top yoke, read the Bottpower post about it HERE.

 The BMW S1000RR top yoke. Motorrad Competición team had two BMW´s (S1000RR & K1300s on his hospitality, more pics. on the Facebook album).

Kalex swing arm / chain puller.

BMW S1000RR chain puller machined on the swing arm.

 MIR Racing swing arm / chain puller.

Bottpower M210 swing arm / chain puller.

RC Recouso Sport moto2 swing arm and linkage.

Because I was few time on races, I don´t took a lot of photos to other bikes but moreover moto2 on CEV (the Spanish championship) race 125 GP , stock extreme and the Kawasaki ninja cup. I uploaded all pictures to theTRXproject Facebook, click here to open the Facebook album.

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Huguilena | November 21, 2010 at 10:05 PM

I would like to say that I'm amazed by your project. I also bought a TRX850 abandoned in the London rain for some years and I would very much like to do the same , but money is not enough.
Instead I just get to read your blog and dream about it.
Muy bien ,compañero! Te felicito por tu empeño.

TheTRXproject | December 4, 2010 at 8:28 PM

Hi Huguiliena, first thank for visit my blog. I´m glad you enjoy it!!! I´m happy to know about other TRX project bikes and I hope you finish yours soon. About the money I have the same problem (all of us, I guess) but the love for our motorcycles must be stronger than these crisis times. Remember that you can send me pictures of your Trixie project evolution to be published here.

Excuse reply delay.
Greetings from Spain.
Marcos Armero.

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