Double surprise.

My birthday was some days ago, 31 years old, and one of my girlfriend gifts was this book "1000 Motos" (ISBN: 9783625000709) , and it had a little surprise on his pages to me.....A short rewiew of the Yamaha TRX 850. There are only few lines and only one picture of a blue trixie but this it the first book I´ve where appear the Yamaha TRX 850.

This book is the Spanish edition of the German book with the same title "1001 Motorräder" (ISBN-13: 978362512420) by Carstein Heil. This book, like many others, it´s a enciclopedia of motorcycle makers and a short review of some of their representative models. I have a lot of books about cars, motorcycles, engines, mechanics but this is the first that highlight the TRX , in my opinion one motorcycle unjustly forgotten and always stigmatized with the label of a "Japanese Ducati" , "Ducatisti wannabe bike" or the sarcastic "The reliable Ducati".

 "A sports twin chasing Ducati, this was the mission of the Yamaha engineers. With a V twin, yamaha did not find the right way.So in the mid-nineties turned to twin engine range line to equip this segment TDM. A "new sport twin with its own character" was what the press releases announcing, but it was a two-cylinder line that aspired to the characteristics of a V twin. Camouflage was made possible by the offset of the crankshaft, so the ignition was no longer produced at 360 ° but at 270 º and 450 º."

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