Guilherme De Castro TRX. 3 Trixies in one.

Hi again, this black beauty  it´s the Yamaha TRX 850 of  Guilherme  De Castro from Portugal, he share with us the little history of his trixie on the blog Facebook page and link his album of photos. He  tell how after huge accident and many insurance problems still to resolve, he starts the modification of his Trixie. 

As I did on John Maragozidis TRX 850 powered quad review post, who better to explain  the bike than Guilherme, here I paste his own words on Facebook:

"It's one rare bike here in Portugal the TRX, only half a dozen in the entire country. I had a huge accident with her last year with many insurance problems still to resolve. I was only able to get it sorted using British ebay and help from my mates in Dunlop MotorSport that brought my stuff to the race meetings. 



 The frame has some new parts welded on in such a way I'm able to assemble the Standard rear part of the frame, that was the only thing left unharmed on the crash. I can use this MV Agusta tail modified with hand made acrylic Tail light with 25 LEDs or a cafeRacer honey bee type Tail with Lucas old school tail light. YZF SP front and rear mechanical part, wheels, yolks, Kayaba suspension, 320mm discs, swing arm etc... with R1 callipers. 7" front light and have a GSXR K7 headlight to modify but time is short. In the end hope to be able to have a Standard TRX, a StreetFighter and a CafeRacer on the same bike. The Norton short megaphone exhausts give her a nice look and a neat metallic sound... for me it's music... Here it's the link for the rebuild photo album... 



 Hope you guys like it. Thanks for the good times you make me spend online searching your bikes, and learning from you know how..."

I'm sure I will not be the only one who likes your TRX project, and please share more photos with the GSX R headlight and "dressed" with  the caferacer bee tail.  And I like a lot the idea of have the chance of change the bike  look , stock/sport naked/cafe racer, at the end it´s like you have three Trixies in one. The exhausts cans looks really cool. Great job!!. I wait new photos...(full gallery  on Facebook HERE)

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